About me

LINK is an online international arts and culture platform, connecting artists, art works and spectators.

We convey the stories produced by creators who are working all over the world. We started the project from the idea that we want to share the dynamic power of arts with as many people as possible.



From events to attend to online communities to get involved in, we allow them to publish their art, thoughts, main issues during creation.


We make a opportunity to have a variety of interactive art forms and discover a new genre of art for the future.


The reaction of the audience who is constantly changing from the platform will allow give a profound comprehension to get connected with artists as well as the artistic ecology in complex society.

What I connect about

Artist way

Art cannot be created by itself. Art is influenced by people, their work and their thoughts while also inspiring passion across the globe.

Chef editor

Heejin Kim

I am a playwright, director theatre-maker, I also define myself as an art-ist collector who is willing to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

  • – A founder of Theatre Knee Company
  • – Currently living in the UK